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Good people how are you doing. I know some of you are already singing Vybz Kartel Summertime favourite part of the chorus, ” . . . school is closed here we go . . . ”

Yes next week it is goodbye First Term and hello to the first holiday in 2014.

Last week the social media was about selfies especially babes posting their no make-up selfies marking the awareness campaign over cancer. From celebrities to wannabes, it was selfie time.

Must see is a movie called “Noah”. The sci-fi action stunts will make you believe there is no better movie to be released after it. One would think we are now in the 4D era in Zimbabwe yet, but like some teens always say, we will get there.

Oh my word, that reminds me. The holiday is coming in time of the MTV movie awards and checking on your tele the aerts are already rolling, geez Cameron Diaz is this year’s hostess. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on some of our favourite movies. My money is on the “Iron Man 3” and amazing “Spiderman”.

Here is our picks of the week.

Loyal Hat

Bravo to the man of the moment, yes Breezy – Chris Brown has done it again. This time the trendy hat from the video “Loyal” has caused a stir in town with many teens donning it.

One of its aantages is that you can wear it with anything Wow teens you are ruling. Doubt if there is anything designed that can’t make it in Africa unless the Lady Gaga outfits we guess so. The trendy hat costs $15 so go grab yours and don’t be left out. Remember you need to be swagged out for Easter and HIFA festival.

Candy Crush wins game award

Yippee holidays are approaching and most of you will be reconnected to your mobile phones. This is so because we all know that you don’t carry your cellphone to school.

Well Candy Crush Saga will make your holiday enjoyable and relax. The game has won many hearts including the shrags.

Starting to play it will make you addictive and for now we will allow that because you need to refresh your mind from the algebras and ecosystem issues.

Fact: Candy Crush is played by 93 million people every day, and it accrues an estimated $800 000 daily through players purchasing new lives and boosters that help them to conquer new levels. Yours truly is on level 140 (not something I’m proud of), even after deleting the app once because I couldn’t stop playing.

It is very basic enough for a preschooler – just match three candies of the same colour. Candy Crush is essentially a game of luck, your success dependent on the collection of colours you have randomly been given rather than your swiping skills. This means that the reward schedule becomes unexpected: we lose more often than we win and we never know when the next triumph will come. Rather than discouraging us from playing, this actually makes the game even more enticing than if we won easily. Good luck.

2 Chains+Thick=Gold

Long back people used to have fancy dog chains (tags) but hey it’s now a thing of the past as thick gold chains have replaced the now “unpopular” light chains. Swag dudes across the globe have gone haywire with heavy, rowdy courted neck chains leaving nothing but the amusement of the essence that could be drawn from fashion trends.

Famous rapper 2 Chains familiarised the style. Girls too have joined the band-wagon with their necklace from chocker to drooling chains. In fact our big sis Rita Ora has set the pace.

Source : The Herald