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A city man was last Friday sentenced to 105 hours of community service after he was convicted of using his late brother’s national identity card to land a job at Mashonaland Tobacco Company as a general hand.

Collet Manyenga of number 4466 Phase Ushewokunze pleaded guilty to fraud charges when he appeared before the Mbare magistrate Ms Bianca Makwande.

Manyenga, who used his brother’s identity card for three years, told the court that he had used his brother’s identity card in desperation.

“I came from the rural area looking for a job and when a vacancy at MTC came up, I took the job. The job just required a national identity card and nothing more so my brother offered me his identity card and I took it,” he said.

Manyenga further told the court that he only had a chance to take his own identity card this year due to some family mishaps.

Ms Makwande said there was no justification for committing such an offence and ordered Manyenga not to resort to such criminal behaviour.

Facts are that sometime in June 2011 Manyenga got a job at MTC after he showed Allen Manyenga’s national identity card claiming it was his.

On June 9 this year Manyenga approached MTC human resources department to change his particulars.

That is when it was discovered that he had misrepresented himself to the company.

The matter was reported to the police, leading to his arrest.

Ms Revai Mudozori prosecuted.

Source : The Herald