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The High Court has granted US$100 bail to University of Zimbabwe student Romeo Musemburi, who was caught up in the Baba Jukwa saga after he posted incriminating statements on the Facebook account. Musemburi (20), who is charged with attempting to subvert a democratically elected Government, got the release order with the consent of the prosecution.

The third-year economics student allegedly sent an e-mail via his Gmail account which reads: “We want pfuti (guns) give us and we will hit the streets and fight for democracy.”

Justice Joseph Musakwa ordered Musemburi to report to the police once weekly and to continue staying at his given address.

Musemburi was warned against interfering with witnesses, investigations and evidence while out on bail.

In the bail application, Musemburi’s lawyer, Mr Tonderai Bhatasara, submitted that the 20-year-old was not a flight risk.

He said Musemburi was an orphan living on handouts and that he had no capacity to sustain himself outside the country.

Mr Bhatasara said his client needed to be treated fairly considering that Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi and his brother Phillip, believed to be the administrators of the Baba Jukwa account, had been freed on bail.

Mr Bhatasara said Musemburi’s laptop and mobile phone were confiscated by police and that he had no means to interfere with investigations or State witnesses.

Chief Law officer Mr Tawanda Zvekare, in the State’s response, indicated that the charges faced by accused were serious but that the suspect deserved freedom.

On his initial appearance before Harare magistrate Mr Vakayi Chikwekwe, Musemburi was not asked to plead to the charges and was remanded in custody to July 16 for routine remand.

He was aised to apply for bail at the High Court due to the seriousness of the offence.

It is alleged that on August 3 last year Musemburi, who lives in Waterfalls, wrote an e-mail to Baba Jukwa requesting for weapons.

He sent the e-mail through his Gmail account romeomusemburi@gmail.com.

According to the State, the e-mail had the effect of attempting to commit an act of insurgency, banditry, sabotage and terrorism with a view to overthrow a constitutionally elected Government.

Source : The Herald