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A GROUP of University of Zimbabwe students have formed an anti-corruption organisation called Future Africa whose thrust is to empower youths with resourceful information and mould them into responsible citizens.

The founding chairman of organisation, David Chikwaza said students saw the need to form such an organisation after realising that they lacked practical skills in dealing with real life situations.

He the idea of the organisation also came as result of realising how corruption had become so endemic in the social and economic fabric of the country.

“We are encouraged by the efforts being undertaken by the Government to deal with the corruption scourge. Our thinking is that as youths we must also do something about creating a corruption-free generation and we must start inculcating a sense of uprightness at a young level so that they become responsible adults,” said Chikwaza.

Chikwaza said the organisation seeks to encourage the youths to be innovative and not allow their background or environment to discourage them from having big dreams about their country and continent.

“We want to see an Africa where we are free from bribery, embezzlement, and kickbacks, abuse of public office or private property for private gains. It might seem like we are beating a dead horse but we are encouraged by the fact that everything starts as a dream and dreams do come true,” he said.

Chikwaza said the organisation intends to visit both primary and secondary schools to educate pupils on the need to be upright and shun devious acts that are detrimental to their social development as future leaders.

“It is also our intention to invite prominent business people, political leaders, religious leaders and several people who have made it in various fields to impart their knowledge at some workshops that we have earmarked for this year,” said Chikwaza.

He said while ridding society of corruption may seem like an illusion, the youths must be encouraged by the diligent works of our forefathers and people like Martin Luther King Jr who persevered against all odds for equal civil rights for the black man in America.

Chikwaza said Future Africa is a non-profit making youth organisation whose vision is to raise a corrupt free generation of God fearing citizens, principled leaders, public sector officers who are honest and diligent.

He said he was inspired by President Mugabe who has repeatedly reinforced the idea that “investing in young people will produce successful generations.”

The organisation’s membership is open to all University of Zimbabwe students but will encompass membership from other institutions in the future.

Source : The Herald