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The success of the economy hinges upon addressing issues that affect industry, such as infrastructure and utilities. Industrialisation requires that the country pursues measures that ensure a g and reliable supply base, particularly on electricity.

Vandalism and theft affect ZETDC’s room for expansion as more concentration will be focused on replacements. This slows down the efforts of putting new connections in the national grid.

Tampering with ZETDC installations through acts of vandalism to steal equipment such as transformer oil, cables and pylon support materials is illegal and unsafe and can cause serious injuries or death in most cases. The following are the effects of vandalism and theft and their cost to the nation:

The affected utility will need to replace any missing copper and repair any equipment damaged either during the theft itself or as a result of operating the system in the absence of stolen wires.

Another impact may be a power outage, which at best inconveniences operations resulting in economic losses too. The overall grid reliability is also reduced by a power outage, which can lead the utility to increase expenditures on security, reliability or redundancy of their system.

Physical injury or death is another possible consequence, not only for the perpetrator, but also for the utility worker who must repair the damage.

If holes are cut in fences or gates, or if locks or utility lines are left down, curious citizens, particularly children, could be injured or killed if they access the site and encounter dangerous high-voltage wires or equipment.

The stolen property may affect high performing industries resulting in power outages and revenue losses.

An unexpected power outage can also damage other equipment within the utility and at client’s facilities (especially high-tech industries with sensitive loads).

Another aerse impact of Vandalism and theft from utility facilities, particularly substations, transformers, or from utility lines, is that utility workers can be injured or killed when touching wires or equipment energised due to the theft.

Source : The Herald