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PROPHET Walter Magaya has stirred a hornet nest by attacking apostolic sects at the weekend, drawing a stinging response from African Christian Council (ACCZ) leader, Johannes Ndanga.

The Prophetic Healing Deliverance (PHD) ministries front-man at the weekend claimed apostolic sects used “marine spirits and snakes in their healing sessions” but Monday Ndanga reacted with anger, accusing the televangelist of pushing a “political agenda”.

“We are shocked at his continued vilification of other Christians we are stunned that this supposed Man of God has taken it upon himself to throw stones at other believers but after his first attack we investigated him.

“Our investigations have revealed a sinister political agenda at the center of Magaya’s rants. Not that he has political ambitions personally but he has an ideological thrust that is directly divergent to that of the indigenous churches and this is a build-up to 2018,” Ndanga claimed, referring to the harmonised elections set for 2018.

The apostolic sects in Zimbabwe have long been linked to the ruling Zanu PF party while Magaya has no known political inclinations.

Said Ndanga: “He wants the apostolic sects decimated for the benefit of those driving him. He wants a particular ideology to win in 2018 and views the apostolic sects as a stumbling block to the ambitions of his masters”.

In an unsolicited attack on the apostolic sects, contained in a book titled Marine Spirits Part Two launched at the weekend, Magaya claimed the white-garments worshipers “consulted traditional healers and fetish priests”.

But Ndanga hit back, accusing Magaya of having a “Nigerian god”.

“We are also aware that Magaya does not believe in the Almighty God that all Christians believe in he has a Nigerian god and we are aware that they engage in sacrifices one of which led to the death of many people in Kwekwe last year.

“The ACCZ will seek to have authorities investigate or launch an inquest into how the people who perished in Kwekwe died,” he said.

On 22 November 2014, at least 11 people died allegedly after a stampede following a PHD sermon in the Midlands town of Kwekwe.

Source : New Zimbabwe