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The police yesterday asked for more time to compile a detailed report on allegations of torture while in detention raised by Johanne Masowe eChishanu apostolic sect members accused of assaulting police, journalists and other officials in Budiriro in May this year.

The 37 members of the sect, which is led by Ishmael Mufani who was still on the run, are facing charges of public violence.

Prosecutor Ms Sharon Mashavira told the court that the police will furnish the court with a full and detailed report on the alleged assault on August 6, the next remand date.

“The compilation and consolidation of the docket took longer than expected because the accused were apprehended on different occasions,” she said.

“Investigations are complete and we are in possession of the docket, however, two complainants who suffered injuries are still undergoing treatment. The medical personnel attending to them said they can only make an assessment of the injuries after treatment is complete.”

The sect members’ lawyer, Mr Obey Shava, told the court that he will apply for refusal of further remand if the State failed to give a trial date and the report.

The members lodged complaints against the police on their first appearance in court.

They told magistrate Mr Vakai Chikwekwe that they were battered and detained for over two days without food before being brought to court.

Mr Chikwekwe ordered the State to investigate the assault allegations, which arose from the May 30 clashes.

It is alleged that on May 30 Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe officials, police officers and journalists were beaten up by the sect members in Budiriro.

ACCZ president Reverend Johannes Ndanga had gone to inform the sect that it had been banned for allegedly abusing women and children.

The congregants challenged the ACCZ leader to read his speech in Shona, claiming they were not familiar with English.

An altercation ensued and the police unsuccessfully tried to maintain order, resulting in several of them, ZBC cameraman Relax Mafurutu and others.

Source : The Herald