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NATIONAL Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (NAVUZ) says it is preparing to take legal action against the state for “torturing” and “denying” medical attention to their members who were arrested and detained by the police.

Scores of vendors on 11 May in Gweru were arrested for resisting the confiscation of their goods and evictions from their vending sites by the local authority.

NAVUZ says the victims were tortured by the police during their 48 hours of detention before some of them were “forced” to pay fines.

On 17 May, the same vendors were arrested again and were detained at Hwa-Hwa Prison where they claim that they were ill-treated by prison authorities.

“Tonderai (one of the vendors) has special dietary requirements which were not followed when he was arrested and detained and he has become seriously ill but the state continues to deny him access to medical assistance,”said NAVUZ in a statement Monday.

“NAVUZ will engage the state in every sphere of political, economic or social combat in order to eradicate these persecutions of innocent people trying to earn livelihoods in these harsh economic circumstances”.

The national union of vendors said the police and local authorities should desist from criminalizing vending and aised government to rather create jobs for its citizens.

“NAVUZ wishes to make it categorically clear that there is nothing illegal about vending.

“Vending has become the integral player in this rapidly declining economy.

“Livelihoods are being supported by vending and it is grossly irrational and inhuman for the state to become a stumbling block to this critical economic sector”.

NAVUZ added: “This is not only a violation of socio-economic rights, but also an impediment to the national objective of economic development. As such, it has to be condemned in the gest possible terms.”

Source : New Zimbabwe