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The Veterinary Services Department has aised farmers to protect their animals against lumpy skin disease as a routine animal husbandry activity. This follows recent outbreaks in Chingwizi where more than 70 cattle last week succumbed to the disease in a space of three days.Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union vice president, Mr Johnson Mapira urged farmers to increase dipping intervals and vaccinate their livestock against tick-borne diseases.

He said tick-borne diseases were more prevalent during the rainy season.

“Farmers should dip livestock weekly to reduce the outbreak of tick-borne diseases that are more prevalent during the rainy season,” he said.

There is no specific antiviral treatment available for LSD infected cattle. Sick animals may be quarantined and given supportive treatment consisting of local wound dressing to discourage fly worry and prevent secondary infections.

The disease is prevalent during the wet season.

Lumpy skin is a cattle disease caused by a virus and can produce chronic incapacity in infected cattle.

It is characterised by nodules or lumps on the skin can that be prevented through vaccination.

Farmers have been urged to be on the lookout for any cases of outbreaks and report to the nearest Veterinary Service authorities or the police.

VSD also aised people not to consume meat from infected animals but to bury or burn the carcasses.

Source : The Herald