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AS President Robert Mugabe celebrates his 91st birthday with a big bash in the resort town of Victoria Falls, a 95 year old Gukurahundi survivor said she will never forget how she suffered in the hands of the Fifth Brigade.

Elina Maphosa (95) said in as much as she is a recipient of land reform Mugabe’s “moment of madness” is still fresh in her memory.

In an interview at her homestead in Jambezi, Gogo Maphosa said this painful chapter of her life should be closed.

“I was beaten for no apparent reason, the soldiers asked me questions that were so rhetoric and what followed was thorough beating and I nearly died”.

“Many young men and women lost their lives and it’s clear that no one will take responsibility for those painful experiences”.

However she said that she was grateful to Mugabe for giving her a piece of land.

“Yes I’m very much happy, at least I have peace with myself I have a piece of land that Mugabe gave me, I may be old but I benefitted from what Zimbabweans fought for”.

Gogo Maphosa said she will not be part of the celebrations as she does not see the reason why thousands of people will spend so much on a day.

“I have heard about it but no, I won’t go there what benefits will I get at the end of the day? I think this should be a day were they should be distributing food to some old people like us”.

“But I wish him well”.

She said her secret to long life was to have peace of mind adding that she had no problems with any of her relatives and neighbours.

Source : New Zimbabwe