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VEHICLE Inspection Department (VID) officials, who for years have been accused of soliciting for bribes from people who require driver’s licences, have reportedly gone a step further this time demanding sex from female learners.

For years it has been reported that for one to corruptly ‘acquire’ a driver’s licence without passing the test he or she had to part with $250-$500 depending on the class one requires.

Female learners who tipped NewZimbabwe.com about this new development said they were shocked when inspectors demanded sexual favours soon after leaving the Harare VID premises during a road test.

“One inspector told me that I was a good driver but I had not given way at a stop sign therefore I had failed,” said Molly.

“But he quickly pointed out that that could be sorted out if I agreed to sleep with him later during the day and book another day and then I would have my driver’s licence”.

Molly said she was dumbfounded and told the VID inspector that in no uncertain terms would she agree to such a wicked arrangement.

She said she did not tell her friend who was also booked the following day, but the two failed learners later shared their similar experiences.

Molly’s friend also said she could not believe her ears when the inspector solicited for sex after telling her that she had failed the test.

“I honestly offered him money but to my horror he refused cash and demanded sex instead”.

“I insisted on money but he said that was corruption and it was traceable as some learners have previously given marked money to inspectors who have since lost their jobs”.

Information gathered by NewZimbabwe.com has also revealed that the inspectors are also working with driving school instructors to receive kickbacks on their behalf.

On the other hand in an effort to curb corruption 80% of the test is now being done inside the VID premises and only 20% of the test is done on the road.

An official from VID Harare said learners should take down numbers which are displayed on billboards at every centre to call and report such cases.

Source : New Zimbabwe