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VILLAGERS in Matabeleland North have urged the government to complete the construction of the Bulawayo-Nkayi road which has become dangerous to travel especially during the rainy season.

The strip road which links Bulawayo with major agricultural areas such as Gokwe, Bubi and Nkayi is littered with potholes.

The road has got narrow bridges which have been blamed for accidents.

In 1994 the government embarked on the resurfacing of the road but the project was however abandoned after a mere 40 km stretch had been worked on.

“The construction of the Bulawayo-Nkayi road has taken a long time to be completed. The road has become so bad that some parts are not passable when it is raining.

“The road has developed a lot of potholes,” said Kufakweze Ncube, Nkayi ward 29 councillor in an interview with NewZimbabwe.com at the weekend.

Ncube said it was ironic that transport minister Obert Mpofu drives on the rough road very often while going to his farm and has received complaints from the villagers but has never bothered to take any action.

A motorist, Stephen Moyo, said each time there was an important election the government would pretend to be taking some action only to abandon the project as soon as the poll results were out.

Other villagers also accused Mpofu of neglecting the province while availing financial resources for road construction projects in other areas.

“Major road rehabilitation and construction projects have been carried out in Zvimba, Marondera and, recently in Wedza but nothing has happened here since independence.

“There is clearly no political will on our government’s part to carry out this project,” said another villager.

The local MDC-T MP, Abedinico Bhebhe, said he had done a lot to lobby government to complete the project but his efforts have come to nothing as they have met with indifference.

“Ever since I was elected into Parliament, I have been fighting with successive ministers of transport and finance over this road. I agree with the villagers that the road has taken a very long time to complete,” said Bhebhe.

Mpofu recently announced that the government will this year construct an additional 30 toll gates including two along the same dilapidated road.

This move is likely to be fiercely resisted by the villagers who feel short changed by the government.

Source : New Zimbabwe