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Villagers in Mhangura in Mashonaland West province are demanding copies of the new constitution saying the document must also be accessible to ordinary Zimbabweans.

Speaking at a workshop organised by African Community Publishing and Development Trust (ACPDT) in Mhangura last week, villagers said they wanted to familiarise themselves with the charter.

The ACPDT is on a countrywide campaign to educate people about the contents of the new constitution, which has been translated into several vernacular languages.

The villagers urged government to embark on a similar exercise.

Speaking at the workshop, Margret Mutomba of Doma village said she was happy with the new constitution because it outlawed the death penalty on women.

She said most women committed infanticide because men would have refused responsibility, leaving them with no choice.

“I am happy with the scrapping of the death penalty for women as they are forced to commit the heinous crimes by men who deny responsibility for either the pregnancy or the newly born baby,” said Mutomba

Another villager, Muchadei Chundu said she was happy with the new constitution as it tried to empower women.

“Although the constitution tries to empower us women, there is still a lot to be done as there is lack of implementation. Like here in the rural areas, very few women are land owners,” said Chundu.

Most villagers in the mining and farming areas who are of foreign origin, welcomed the dual citizenship saying it restored their status as Zimbabweans.

The villagers urged ACPDT to translate the constitution into all the 16 official languages.

President Robert Mugabe signed a new constitution into law in May last year.

Among other changes, the constitution provides more rights for women, and it increases the power of Parliament.

Source : Zimbabwe Standard