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VILLAGERS in the Matobo district on Monday appeared to have successfully resisted the take-over of a productive farm by a known CIO spy as workers forced their way back and resumed work.

Maleme Ranch workers were chucked out of the farm owned by a white commercial farmer, David Cunningham, after it was given to Rodney Mashingaidze, a CIO spy based at President Robert Mugabe’s office.

The takeover bid has been resisted by villagers who have vowed to block Mashingaidze from moving into the farm which houses a thriving chicken project run by the villagers.

According to reports the project supplied many supermarkets in the region.

Even traditional chiefs in the area, who are known Zanu PF supporters, for the first time broke ranks and spoke out against the move that has received widespread condemnation from the civil society, political parties and the affected villagers themselves.

Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko was on Sunday expected to address the villagers at the farm but perhaps fearing humiliation he failed to turn up.

In an interview with NewZimbabwe.com, the villagers confirmed that they had moved back to the farm to salvage some of the crops that had been neglected from the time they were forced out.

“We want to make sure the operations at the farm return to normalcy and that the villagers who were working there resume their duties. As I speak to you we are back at the farm and we are here to make sure that none of the farm workers will be harassed while doing their job.

“We also want to see if Mashingaidze will turn up. He left some of the people to guard the property and stop the workers from gaining access to the farm,” said Killion Masuku, a villager.

A farm worker who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals said they will fight to save the few remaining vegetables on the farm.

“We have not been working for the past two weeks since Mashingaidze chased us out of the farm. We had planted tomatoes, onions and butternuts among other vegetables and we have not been tending them. We hope we will be able to salvage something and be able to sell some of the vegetables,” said the worker.

With the support from opposition political parties and the civil society organisations the villagers are confident that Mashingaidze will not be able to take over the farm.

Last week NewZimbabwe.com reported that the lands ministry had dragged a white Esigodini commercial farmer to court seeking his eviction from the piece of land which has since been allocated to senior intelligence officer Zenzo Ntuliki.

Timothy Sean White of Lot 2 of 36 Essex Vale Estate Avalon Farm in Esigodini will face trial on the 18th of this month at the Gwanda magistrate’s court charged with unlawfully occupying gazetted land.

Ntuliki is former Matabeleland South CIO regional director and has been linked to many heinous activities such as cattle rustling and terrorism.

During the 1980s he worked closely with the late Menard Muzariri and Sydeny Nyanugo both chief logisticians of the Matabeleland genocide.

He is a former ZANLA cader who was based in both Morogoro and Mgagao in Tanzania during the liberation war.

He is now based in Gweru.

Nyanugo, who has a number of farms in Mashonaland West, has since been fired from the CIO for extortion and is now working for Zanu PF fulltime.

He is a former ZIPRA cader who switched to ZANU PF during the genocide.

Source : New Zimbabwe