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Vineyard Funeral Assurance has stepped up its game in the funeral industry by acquiring an additional fleet of modern hearses, a company official said.

Vineyard last week announced that its investment is in line with the company’s thrust to grow its market share. In an interview with The Herald Business yesterday, Vineyard managing director Mr Solomon Chikanda said the company has tried to correct the transport shortage currently affecting funeral companies.

“We saw it fit to purchase more hearses in order to ease transport problems. This is also part of our strategy to instil confidence in our clients,” Mr Chikanda said.

The company last month announced its intention to rebrand and the project was successful. Vineyard has also rolled out new product offerings compatible with the current liquidity environment without compromising on the quality of the end product.

The company has introduced new funeral policies Step Plan, Decavine Plan and now has an option of Memorial Provider Benefit which provides stabilising income to the surviving spouse in the event of death of a breadwinner. This benefit will be payable for 12 months beginning immediately after the death. The above policies are also affordable and have no limit in the number of dependants.

“All children are covered for free up until they attain the age of 24, if they are undergoing full time education,” he said.

Under the Decavine Plan, only one periodic premium covers 10 people under one policy.

Vineyard said the client’s choice is not negotiable, and they also decide on whom to include. Mr Chikanda said the Step Plan was designed to accommodate people from different walks of life.

The Step Plan’s special segments include members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the Zimbabwe Prison Services, Zimbabwe National Army, the Air Force of Zimbabwe, the District Development Fund, and all civil service employees as they are an important part of the social spectrum.

Step Plan knows no health restrictions and is inclusive of a groceries and cash benefits paid by Vineyard upfront.

The package also has a Loyalty Cash Bonus under which policyholders who qualify for it after five years are credited with a no premium credit relief.

“We also offer caskets and coffins which are consistent with our desire to provide environmentally friendly products that resonate with the green theme reflected in our green corporate colour,” said Mr Chikanda.

Source : The Herald