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Virginia tobacco exports have so far earned the country $211,9 million with China remaining the leading exporter after buying 19,3 million kg worth $166,7 million at $8,63 per kilogramme.

The $211,9 million was realised from the sale of 31,2 million kg at $6,75 per kg. This was an improvement from the $40,8 million that was realised from the sale of 11,4 million kg at $3,58 per kg during the same period last year.

Zimbabwe is exporting its golden leaf to at least 33 countries dotted across almost every continent, two less than last year. Latest figures from the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board show that South Africa is the second highest importer after buying 3,5 million for $13,5 million at $3,77 followed by Mauritius which accounted for 1,3 million kg worth $5,4 million at $4 per kg.

Other top importers include Russia which paid $3 million for 1,2 million kg at $2,53 per kg and the United Arab Emirates that spent $2,5 million on 650 034 kg at $3,97 per kg.

Most of the tobacco that has been exported is from last year. The country produced 216,2 million kg last year.During the same time last year Belgium led the importer’s table after buying 3 million kg for $7 million at $2,30 per kg followed by China with 1,6 million for $12,6 million at $7,75 per kg.

United Arab Emirates was third largest importer after spending $3,9 million on 1,3 million kg at $3 per kg followed by South Africa which took up 1,1 million kg for 4,7 million at $4,12 per kg and Russia which spent $1,1 million on 855 240 at $1,24 per kg. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe has so far imported 134 428 kg of tobacco from China and India at 4,80 per kg.

The bulk of the tobacco 114 628 kg was imported from India at $4, 69 while the balance of 19 800 came from China at $5,40 per kg.

During the same period last year the company bought 299 000 kg at $4,90 per kg. The tobacco came from India 139 000 kg, Malawi and Mozambique 59 000 kg each, the United Kingdom 26 000 kg and South Africa 16 000kg.

Zimbabwe imports some tobacco for blending with local tobacco in the cigarette manufacturing processes.

Source : The Herald