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A VISITING French junior minister has assured Harare that there won’t be any international repercussions if they search and find missing political activist Itai Dzamara.

Dzamara was abducted by suspected state security agents close to his Harare home on the 9th of March and has not been seen or heard from since.

Prior to his disappearance, the activist had been staging peaceful protests in the capital demanding the resignation of President Robert Mugabe, accusing him of failed leadership.

A week after his abduction, the High Court ordered the State to search and find the activist while civil society groups have also offered a reward to anyone with information that can help uncover the mystery of his disappearance.

The international community through their embassies in Harare has also urged the Mugabe administration to investigate and find the former journalist.

On Friday the visiting French Deputy Foreign Affairs Secretary Reacutemy Rioux, who held meetings with government officials, challenged Harare to provide an update on the security services investigations into the saga.

“We stressed that it is important that the disappearance of Mr Itayi Dzamara be truly investigated by the authorities,” Rioux told reporters after the meeting in Harare.

French ambassador to Harare, Laurent Delahousse, said they also assured government that they would not be any finger pointing if Dzamara is brought back alive.

“Find Itai, bring him back to his family and arrest the perpetrators. I want to stress that there was, there has not been and there will not be finger pointing in this issue,” said the envoy.

“We feel it so important for the authorities that are responsible and in charge of the protection of Zimbabwean citizens to do their utmost to protect ordinary citizens.”

The envoy added: “The authorities said they are proceeding with the inquiry and doing their utmost and we want to think that there will be a possible solution to this inquiry.

“It has been three months next Tuesday it will be three months.”

Source : New Zimbabwe