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Visual artist Tafadzwa Mukaro is working on a gospel album, “Tinomurumbidza”, that will be released end of this month. Mukaro, a painter and a designer, said she was encouraged by the response to the first album.

“I tried to record an album when I was at Hartzell High School sometime back but then I failed because I was not well exposed to understand the demands,” she said.

Though she became a practitioner in visual art she persisted in music until she released her first album “Mwari Anesu” last year.

She recorded it with producer Laiton Ngolomi and it did well on the local market.

The album had six tracks: ” Iniwo Here”, “Mhinduro”, “Nhasi Uno”,” Ishe Gadzirai”, “Rwendo” and “Tendeukai”.

The album contains uplifting and soulful messages of hope, love and faith with a unique refreshing sound of afro-jazz.

Her voice has what it takes to rise to the top of the music ladder, a feat that normally takes ages for musicians to achieve. She said she grew up in a Christian family and her messages were pure gos- pel.

Tafadzwa’s strength lies mainly in vocals while her husband Wisdom, who is the manager, comes in as backing vocalist.

“I have already assembled a live band and it will be playing mostly at church functions and we are happy that there is progress,” she said.

Asked if she would not abandon her visual for arts music she said she would balance the two.

“That has not stopped me though to work on my paintings that have a Christian message.

“Art is something that comes from God and whenever you feel that you need to say something to Christians you can say it through music or paintings,” she said.

She is hopeful that the album will reach out to many Christians.

“We have improved on our messages and this time we have featured another gospel artiste Bethany Pasinawako,” she said.

Source : The Herald