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VP Mujuru’s alleged plans to take the reins after the assassination of President Mugabe turned her into a political idiot than a sound revolutionary worth emulating.

The move by Vice President Joice Mujuru to bite the hand that fed her shows that politics is a dirty game which, if not played well, can result in easy downfall and disgrace.

Dr Mujuru failed to acknowledge that patience is a virtue and that there is no short cut to success.

Prior to her ordeal, VP Mujuru was well-placed to take over from President Mugabe once he decided to call it a day.

Unfortunately, she failed to wait until that day and instead, blindly rushed into trying to illegally fast-rack her ascendancy to the highest office in the land, thereby destroying her future in the party.

Those who misled Dr Mujuru into planning that move were never good friends or aisors.

They misled her into submerging herself into political doldrums.

As the VP of this country, she had all the opportunities to discuss everything she wanted with the President, but she thought otherwise.

It boggles the mind to imagine why the VP failed to report meetings which were allegedly held by coup plotters if she was not part to the dirty deal.

As the VP, she could also have reported the meetings which she allegedly held with assassination plotters.

She could have blown the whistle after her alleged meeting with former USA ambassador to Zimbabwe Charles Ray as a way of dissociating herself from coup plotters.

The Julius Assange initiated WikiLeaks splashed that the VP had a secret meeting with the former USA ambassador in a dark room, at a house situated in the posh northern suburbs of Harare, where she did not want anyone to know about such a meeting.

Charles Ray, in the WikiLeaks threads reportedly said that they were discussing business ventures between her and American companies.

Some results of the meeting between her and Mr Ray were kept under the carpet only to surface when WikiLeaks publicised that.

So, conducting business with foreign diplomats behind closed doors, something that should be done through the eyes of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, shows that VP Mujuru was positioning herself for more challenging things to come.

She was in actual fact acting as the final decision maker without regard for her principal, the President.

VP Mujuru decided to keep the meeting between her and Ambassador Ray a secret from her superior, cementing the belief that she was placing herself in a good position to take over the leadership of the country.

If the VP was not harbouring such intentions, she could have openly told President Mugabe about the meeting considering the ZimbabweUnited States political and economic relationship.

Her silence showed she had no respect for the President, and that she saw herself as now ripe for the presidency.

President Mugabe trusted her and the least she could have done was report those who came up with plans to topple him from power. Her silence on what was planned also gives credence to the effect that the VP had plans to topple the President through illegal means.

It is now an open secret that the VP has lost her credibility as a revolutionary par excellence to become a traitor.

It is unfortunate that other people are rushing to sympathise with her and failing to appreciate and understand that what the VP did was wrong.

Some people are failing to see the danger that was associated with the assassination of the Head of State and Government.

People who are sympathising with her, feeling that she is being tormented by those claiming that she was planning to assassinate President Mugabe should realise that there is no smoke without fire.

Her supporters should now accept what the President has revealed about her motives to assassinate him.

It is now incumbent upon the VP’s supporters to realise that they were supporting a wrong candidate, who was bent on causing alarm and despondency through the assassination of the Head of State and Government.

While some people may choose to doubt the truth surrounding such allegations levelled against her, they should also question why she has decided not to defend her allegations in public.

If she is quite aware that all those allegations against her are not true, the VP should have attended the 6th Zanu-PF National People’s Congress to explain herself to the party membership. Her absence from the congress reflects that she was afraid of facing the reality of her evil and satanic plans.

As second in command at both the party and government, she should have gone to the congress and defend herself against these acts of treason or at least say sorry.

She was welcome to attend the congress, but chose to snub it.

VP Mujuru joined a number of those people who failed to contain their insatiable leadership appetite when it comes to how succession issues in Zanu-PF could be handled.

As a senior politician in the party, she should have read the writing on the wall. The route she was contemplating to take was dark, period.

The VP could have taken some lessons from what happened to some people who thought that they could make it without President Mugabe. In the 1990s, Edgar Tekere tried his luck with the so called Zimbabwe Unity Movement (ZUM), but he failed dismally.

In the turn of the 21st century, Dr Simba Makoni and Dr Dumiso Dabengwa thought that they were good enough to challenge the leadership of President Mugabe.

Their departure from Zanu-PF resulted in them increasing the list of nonentities that retired into the political dust bins.

The VP has now joined such a list of those who did not realise that there is no short cut to political success.

I am sure she is now cursing the day she woke up with the foiled plans and strategies to illegally take over the leadership of Zanu-PF and Government. VP Mujuru’s alleged plans to take the throne after the assassination of President Mugabe turned her into a political idiot than a sound revolutionary worth emulating.

Her miscalculated manoeuvres soiled her once glorified image in the country. All her trust vanished overnight like morning dew.

Shame on her!

Source : The Herald