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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe revealed Wednesday that Joice Mujuru’s faction believed he would die in September and started plotting a coup after hopes that his biological clock would stop ticking were dashed.

The veteran leader was addressing members of the Zanu PF central committee in Harare at the ruling party’s ongoing elective congress where he effectively ruled out retirement, insisting he would only be removed from office by election defeat.

“Power, power, power that is what you think if you are obsessed with power,” said the president.

“They (Mujuru faction) said they read the Mugabe is going to die in September but the man has refused to die and even now he is still refusing to die, zvave kutoda n’anga.”

He was flanked at the top table by national chairman, Simon Khaya Moyo with other members of the presidium, Mujuru and Didymus Mutasa missing.

“Now this is what has happened. The high table has only two people who have kept their principles,” said Mugabe.

Also absent was Nicholas Goche, who along with Mujuru and Mutasa, are among top leaders accused of plotting to oust Mugabe at this congress or, failing that, engineering his assassination.

Mugabe said he had, all along, been aware of the plot.

The conspirators, he added, deluded themselves into believing that Western countries would pour billions of dollars into Zimbabwe once he was out of the way.

“We knew all they were planning, claiming the whites will pour billions into this economy only if Mugabe is out of the way,” he said.

“European-oriented minds can never develop Africa. If you have a EuropeanAmerican mind-set then you do not belong to Zanu PF.

“We thought we were united from the top to the bottom and that there were no machinations amongst us but alas we were deceived.

“We didn’t know that as we went for elections some among us, vanaMujuru, did not want them.

“We heard their views were shared with the MDC, vanaBiti.

“Foolish, idiotic expectations that some circumstance will take place and Mugabe will be out of the way.”

The 90-year-old leader hit out at his ambitious lieutenants, telling them to be “content where you are.”

He added: “You have the right to contest for any seat.

“You can contest for the presidency and if people vote you in and you win more votes than me then you can take over …

“… but to try to organise illegal ways – no, no no! That we shall not allow – never.”

Source : New Zimbabwe