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The country’s two Vice Presidents, Comrades Emmerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mpoko have been sworn-in and are already in the thick of things, the post- congress era administration is indeed positive and pro-growth.

VP Mnangagwa has been talking tough about corruption and says there will be real consequences for those implicated in the degeneracy of past and present follies. On the other hand, VP Mphoko kicked off with a very positive call for Government commitment to developing policies that support industrial growth which will go a long way in spearheading the country’s economic recovery.

It is because of the rampant corruption and the curtailed industrial growth that the country’s economic revival after years of decline has been limited.

It is heartening that there is an emerging openness, humbleness and high level of political maturity when it comes to national discourse. The ruling party’s post-congress attitude is an inclusive approach to the Zimbabwe agenda and constructive dialogue on matters of national urgency.

There have been a number of disturbing reports of some officials taking it upon themselves to act on behalf of the VP Mnangagwa to humiliate some officials they accuse of having sided with former VP Dr Joice Mujuru. It is a sad state of affairs that party officials were being publicly humiliated in that manner. Deputy Mines Minister Fred Moyo was forcibly ejected from VP Mnangagwa’s celebration party in Zvishavane together with his brother. Again former Indigenisation Minister Francis Nhema and former Minister of State in the President’s Office Flora Buka were blocked from greeting VP Mnangagwa at a recent state function in Chirumanzu.

The disturbing thing is that these ejections were carried out without the knowledge and consent of the VP himself. The behaviour of those who were publicly humiliating others is not good public relations at all. The VP himself has refused to be drawn into these petty antics of political immaturity.

The line has to be drawn and people have to come to the realisation that the ruling party leadership is not for a select few but all Zimbabweans. President Mugabe is President of all Zimbabweans irrespective of religious, ethnic, racial or political affiliation and so are VPs Mnangagwa and Mphoko.

VP Mnangagwa showed magnanimity and humbleness expected of national leadership when he called Deputy Minister Moyo to apologise for the unwarranted and unsanctioned public humiliation. This is the kind of politics that national leadership should continue to embrace for the sake of expediency and national progression.

When you are a child, you speak like a child, understand like a child, think like a child but when you grow into an adult throwaway those childish ways, grow up and do things differently. You wonder what benefit they derived from publicly shaming others.

It is reassuring that VP Mnangagwa has made clear that past and present corrupt practices will be investigated and action will be taken. Those found guilty will be made to account for their indiscretions. This is exactly what the Zimbabwean electorate bargained their vote for, and this should be followed up by real action.

There has to be consequences for those implicated and there are many of them. As VP Mnangagwa said: “We do not have mercy on corrupt people.” Corruption is a drain on national resources, the selfish wants of a few over the needs of the nation.

VP Mphoko has been calling on Government to develop policies that support local industries and develop the people of Zimbabwe. The tone from the Vice Presidents is sending the right signals to the business community which is crucial to the country’s economic revival.

The talk of creating a conducive business environment and eradicating corruption is positive talk. The problem that has prevailed is letting corruption go unpunished and the perpetrators become even bolder as there have been no consequences for their misdeeds.

The fact that the national leadership is talking action not just the talk about action must be lauded. It is because of corruption that many national processes are hampered.

The combination of a politics of maturity which calls for constructive national dialogue, embracing all Zimbabweans, creating an environment where businesses, local and international, have confidence in the system and the commitment to uproot the decadence that is corruption.

Source : The Herald