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A NEWLY resettled farmer is battling for his life at Masvingo General Hospital after he was struck on the head with an axe by suspected war veterans in a dispute over land last weekend.

The farmer, Mufaro Mukaro, was among the beneficiaries of President Robert Mugabe’s chaotic land reforms that began in 2000.

But 14 years after the violent land seizures, a new wave of violence has engulfed the new resettlement areas with veterans of Zimbabwe’s 1970s bush war spearheading fresh land seizures, this time from fellow black farmers.

Zanu PF legislator for Zaka constituency, Paradza Chakona, on Wednesday told Parliament that the ministers of lands and agriculture must now intervene to settle the land disputes that have mushroomed in some parts of the country.

Some of the farms that have been invaded include Nidspruit, Potyo Farm, Thankerton Farm, Chigumedhe, Mudzikisi, Chipare, Pakai and Mukuta, all in Masvingo province.

Similar cases have been reported in Goromonzi, just outside Harare.

Chakona was responding to a motion moved by Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba and Bindura South MP Remigious Matangira who expressed concern over the shortage of maize in the country despite the country having the best soils in the SADC region.

“In my own province of Masvingo there have been some skirmishes (over land). I call upon the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of lands to quickly resolve these differences that are taking place,” Chakona said.

Chakona said there is need for stability in the farming sector especially “if we want to give confidence to farmers”.

The Zaka MP urged law enforcement agencies to step up security so that farmers can go back to their land and farm.

Chakona also bemoaned the high cost of inputs in the country adding that the government must intervene to help farmers.

“It is expensive for the farmer in Zimbabwe to produce a tonne of maize compared to a farmer in South Africa who uses biotechnology,” Chakona said.

Source : New Zimbabwe