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The Warriors story was trending on Twitter and dominating Facebook discussions yesterday as Zimbabweans showed that despite the challenges that have stalked the team, they really love their national football side.

The Warriors finally left for Malawi yesterday, a day after their scheduled departure after a spectacular fallout with ZIFA over allowances and match fees resulted in the players boycotting their trip on Thursday afternoon.

Prophet Walter Magaya’s intervention saved the day, with the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader paying the Warriors their dues and also paying for the bus and fuel that took them to Malawi.

The Warriors take on Malawi this afternoon in the first game of their 2017 Nations Cup campaign at the Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre.

After the chaos that blighted the team’s preparations, some of the Zimbabwean fans were even offering themselves as possible candidates to take over the post of ZIFA president.

Frank Dealer Nyamukuta (Former CAPS United defender)

“I am shocked with my fellow Zimboz who are having a go at Prophet Magaya after he financially rescued our National Football Team, not for the 1st time, but 2nd (time). When are we going to be able to appreciate such good deeds without judging? I wonder. And, after all, who are we to judge this Man of God? Netsanai ne ZIFA iri kutadza basa. Saka imi vatsvene vacho chamakabatsira nacho padambudziko raivepo chii? Zvakaoma

Jacob Chipato

You’re right, dealer. Zimbabweans are so good at criticising. What Magaya did is very right. I don’t see any hidden agenda in what Magaya is doing because as a churchman, he has no intentions of becoming ZIFA president. He is just helping. Nekuti zvaitwa naMagaya zvaipa manje?

Collin Matiza (Herald Sports Editor)

Dealer, why should ordinary people come in and help the national team when it is the responsibility of the national association to do so? If the national association can’t look after the national team (which is their mandate and prerogative to do so) then they must just pull all national teams out of international competitions. Period! People should not be asked to fork out their hard-earned dollar to bankroll the national team my brother. That’s the problem with you Zimbabweans, munongoda kubatsirwa pese pese when you are supposed to be accountable for everything that you do. Munoritambireyi bhora racho kana musingagone kuzvibhadharira mari yekuyendesa vana kuti vatambe ma international matches. It’s like asking your neighbour to pay school fees for your kids asi iwe uribaba wacho. Saka uribaba pachiii? You shape up or you ship out . . .

Martin Matonhodze

I agree with you 100 percent, if the national association does not fulfil their mandate I would not criticise individuals who bail the national team out. After all it’s the soccer loving masses and the players who miss out on a chance to watch their team showcase talent on the national stage. It is the fans who pay to watch football and if the game does not improve due to lack of exposure to competition at international level it’s us them that suffer. As far as I can remember people like Collin Matiza (Herald Sports Editor) have argued for sanctions and suspension and aocated for the culprits to be brought to justice.

Elton Chikerema

I’m proud that another Zimbabwean man (apart from the usual CD ‘Cuthbert Dube’) has stood up to be counted. I will be part of Zim fans watching on SuperSport our talent in Malawi doing their own thing, knowing very well they will be rewarded for their efforts. Go Zimbabwe Go!

Ranga Mberi

After wide consultations, I hereby present myself as a candidate for ZIFA president. I mean, how worse could I possibly be? Look, here is our national team coach, boarding a Munorurama bus to Lilongwe, with his two-in-one jira. I’ve seen some nonsense around the Warriors in my time but this is a new low.

They will get there kuma am. Then wake up and play a game at 14:30pm. It will need the finest Malawi gold to pep them up for the game. And, please, let’s not hear anyone bleat about “Brand Zimbabwe” what, what! It seems we are working real hard to confirm every negative stereotype about Zimbabwe there is. Which is why if the people nominate me for the next ZIFA president, who am I to refuse? Come on. Go on. Nominate. How worse could I possibly be? Anyway, we are winning tomorrow zvakadaro.

Dallas Gladman Sekawawana

With all this drama with our Warriors I think lets rally for Prophet Magaya as ZIFA President. My view, any takers?

Lesley Webster Mtengezanwa

My heart is with Zimbabwe soccer national team who are travelling by road to Malawi to play an Afcon qualifier. The game is on tomorrow 1430hrs. God be with them in these trying times.

Source : The Herald