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Some fans have blasted the Miss World make-up artist for bad choice of make-up on Miss Zimbabwe, Tendai Hunda, who represented the country at the finale of Miss World 2014 held in London, United Kingdom, last Sunday. Hunda, who had smudge dark smokey eyes, did not impress when she walked on the ramp. She failed to make it to the top 30 while the world crown went to South Africa’s gorgeous Rolene Strauss.

The social media on Sunday went ablaze with some critics condemning Hunda’s make-up and experts in the modelling industry revealed that it wasn’t her choice.

“What kind of make-up was that? She looked more of an African barbie-vampire doll. I think it wasn’t fair for her considering how others looked stunning,” read one post from Mellisa Dzapasi.

Locals interviewed said they still feel Hunda could have done better if she had good make-up although some marks were already awarded during pre-judging.

“That kind of make-up only work best on white women, because it gives them a clear image on their eyes and skin tone unlike blacks like Hunda. I think the make-up artist sabotaged us. I don’t know if she had a choice to refuse the make-up but that also contributed to her confidence,” said one Entertainment Buzz analyst.

However, some still question Hunda’s preparedness because she received the crown “on a silver platter” after the then queen, Catherine Makaya was dethroned by the Miss Zimbabwe Trust for misbehaviour.

There were high hopes that the beauty queen would fare well at the Miss World contest and do Zimbabwe proud.

Who is to blame for Hunda’s performance?

“Sunday 14, 2014 should remain etched in Tendai Hunda’s memory as one of the bleakest days in her modelling career. Although our beauty tried her best, she just couldn’t make it. What kind of make-up was that?” observed Janet Mawiwi of Avondale.

Susan Meck, also of Harare, said Hunda should have learnt from previous models like Angeline Musasiwa who did well in past world pageants.

“Could this be an indication of the deterioration of standards on the local modelling scene? I wonder what the Miss Zimbabwe Trust is doing in as far as nurturing models and also scouting for the right beauties who can make a mark at such platforms as Miss World,” she said.

“Her make-up was too smudged and this cast a comical look to our queen. So bad. We suspect an underhand plot to undermine our model on the part of the make-up artists who are racist and tried everything to snatch the limelight from our beauty.

“Luckily for us and sadly for them, the crown still went to an African queen and this gives us some solace. Don’t despair, Tendai,” wrote one critic on socila media.

“Hunda looked like a midget among other gangly models who towered above her and this obviously contributed to her poor performance.

“However, we should not lose heart because this was a learning curve for not only Hunda but also for Zimbabwe. We are now in a position to do better in the future,” observed another commentator.

Source : The Herald