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Access to improved water supply in Harare will help local industries cut production costs and enhance their earnings, a Cabinet Minister has said. Speaking at Joint Command and Staff Course Number 28 at the Zimbabwe Staff College in Harare yesterday. Industry and Commerce Minister Mike Bimha said the installation of new pumps at the Morton Jaffray Waterworks will enhance water efficiency and allow industries to reduce their business cost.

“The resuscitation of the Morton Jaffray Waterworks which is one of the major projects undertaken by the Government under ZimAsset will help industries to acquire water,” he said.

“This project will improve water supply in industrial areas in Harare and this will result in the reduction of production costs.”

Erratic water supplies, coupled with excessive power cuts, have pushed up the cost of doing business in the country.

Most industries in the capital were now buying water from bulk suppliers, a move which has increased their operating costs.

The installation of new pumps at the Morton Jaffray Waterworks is expected to increase production by 100 mega litres per day.

The repair work is part of a project under the $9,5 million Zimbabwe Multi-Donor Trust Fund Phase 1 grant from the African Development Bank.

The project involved replacement of pipes, pressure-reducing valves and equipment at the plant to increase water supply to 80 percent of the city’s requirements.

Harare city needs about 1 200 megalitres of water per day.

Another $144, 4 million loan was extended to the City of Harare by the Export and Import Bank of China (EximBank) for the refurbishment of Morton Jaffray Waterworks.

Harare’s water distribution network has over 5 500km of water network which in most cases is old. The network is failing largely due to age, corrosion and pressure.

Source : The Herald