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THE breakdown of boreholes in Nenyunga, Gokwe North, is posing a danger to villagers who are now sourcing water from unprotected sources.

Headman Chawirira Dube said they were living in fear of waterborne diseases. “We are relying on water harvesting but once the rains stop people will have to walk up to 15 kilometres to look for water. We had constructed some small dams but they all burst. The few boreholes which used to be in this village are no longer functioning,” he said.

Most affected are pregnant women who are asked to bring their own water when they need to deliver at the local clinic.

“Honestly, things are not well here. We are in a world of our own. There is nothing the nurses can do because there is no water at the clinic, women just have to bring their water.

“We do not know how people are expected to live without water. People and animals are competing for the precious liquid, it’s a pity.”

Gokwe Rural District Council chief executive officer Mr Tigere Shingirai said there were plans to rehabilitate the boreholes.

“We are in the process of looking for a partner to assist us both to rehabilitate and drill new boreholes in the area,” he said.

Source : The Herald