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Mines and Mining Development Minister Walter Chidhakwa unveiled a new board for the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC), one of over 75 State firms badly affected by vice, mismanagement and excessive government interference. While we remain cautiously optimistic about the ability of the new board to deliver, we take comfort in the fact that an accountable, transparent and responsible team has been thrust at the helm of the corporation to turn things around.

ZMDC boards have been reshuffled before with the promise that each new regime would reshape and turnaround the troubled firm. Each time, we have been disappointed because those given the mandate to take stewardship of the State firm have betrayed the people. Some of them have turned their backs against the people and begun on a journey to take care of their own interests, pampering themselves with obscene salaries and allowances. They have built for themselves mansions, many times in foreign lands and they have amassed massive wealth while the rest of the populace is wallowing in poverty.

That is why we implore the new ZMDC board to hit the ground running and get the corporation working again. ZMDC is strategically placed in the mining sector. It is the custodian of Zimbabwe’s vast gold and diamond wealth, which must be exploited to minimise the suffering among the generality of the population. A lot is expected from the new ZMDC board. The majority of Zimbabweans have in the past failed to benefit from their resource because of needless self-interest by the previous boards and management. The time for excuses is over. ZMDC should be run like a proper business.

It must take a cue from other mining houses that are doing well in spite of the difficult operating environment. And yet they receive fewer privileges as the ZMDC would from the State. The era of lining up for government bailouts is over. Zimbabweans expect to see a ZMDC that operates on commercial lines a ZMDC with the capacity to raise funding to open and improve conditions at several of its badly run mines that have been butchered by previous boards and managements.

They want to see Shabanie Mine running. It can easily absorb 3 000 people. They want to see even the copper mines being opened. Why should we leave David Murangari and his team to relax, or hesitate when copper is doing wonders only across the border in Zambia? Every diamond that will be irregularly exported and sold will represent criminal failure by the ZMDC board. We therefore demand transparency, we demand responsibility, and anything short of this will represent a serious breach of public trust on the part of the ZMDC board.

Source : Financial Gazette