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Zimbabwean housemates in the Big Brother Africa-Hotshots, Butterphly and JJ said they did their best in the house, representing the country.The duo who made it in the top eight which saw Tanzanian model Idris scooping the grand prize $300 000, arrived back home on Wednesday night from South Africa.

Speaking at a press conference held in Harare, Butterphly, real name Tariro Mharapara, said although she didn’t bring the money home, she has learnt a lot about herself.

“I entered BBA hoping I would win money so that I take my sister to a better school like I said before. I think we did our best reaching the top eight. I have learnt a lot about myself which I didn’t know. I was a shy person. I thought I was a wild person but when I went in the house it was different. I grew a character and now know how to act,” she said.

She said she was surprised to hear her name and Mam’bea being called out as first evictees in the finale.

“I was very shocked after hearing my name from IK. At first I thought it was a joke and we were going to be put in another house but it then turned out to be real,” she said.

Butterphly said she had no hard feelings over fake housemate Vimbai Mutinhiri who dissed her.

“One thing I am happy about that scenario is that I managed to keep it in control. I have no hard feelings and she was doing her job as that is what Biggie had told her to do. My reaction was based on that because she was telling the truth. I later had a chat with her on some grooming lessons, how to survive in the industry as a celebrity,” she said.

She said she was devastated when she heard about the burnt house.

“I can’t say where we were when the house got burnt. You know the emotions of being locked down but I used the opportunity to discover myself. It was hard moment, no television or phone,” she said.

Butterphly who was surprised after hearing news that she was nominated in the Best DJ category at the Christian Gospel Awards said the hardest task in the house was twerking.

“This was the hardest task for me and I thank JJ who stood by me. I knew I had to do it because it was part of the game,” said the mother of one.

Asked if they would go back to the show if given another chance, the duo said ‘no’.

“It is a crazy place I don’t think I would want to go back again. There is nothing worse that not having your own space. The experience was amazing,” said JJ — real name Jerome Arab.

JJ said his main goal in the house was to inspire other youths.

“I went there hoping I would inspire a lot of young people. I am focus-driven and would want to see talents being exposed. No matter your background you can still do it,” he said.

JJ, who was voted fifth, said was planning to continue promoting local talent.

“I am here for a short-while but I am planning to go back to United Kingdom and USA where I now have contacts in the entertainment industry. I am going to promote the talent of other aspiring musicians,” he said.

He said Samantha and him are good friends.

“My relationship with South African housemate is based only on friendship. What happened there ended there? I am going to invite a lot of housemates so they experience what we told them about Zimbabwe,” he said.

JJ said he had a g connection with Nhlanhla and Idris.

“We were the three suckers. Idris, Nhlanhla and I were good friends just like brothers. We could talk and enjoy the game,” he said.

He said he is going to help campaign for support on next year’s edition for Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile the Butterphly and JJ welcome home party is scheduled for tonight at Columbus Place hosted by P Styles and T-Bass.

Source : The Herald