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This week ZANU-PF made a clean sweep of 16 wins out of 16 by-election seats that were being contested for nationwide. Of the 16, none probably bears as much significance as Highfield West where youthful Cde Psychology Maziwisa reclaimed the seat that has been held by the opposition since 2000. Highfield has a rich liberation history and it is President Mugabe’s home area. The Herald’s Political Editor Tichaona Zindoga (TZ) talked to the victorious Maziwisa (PM) to hear about his triumph and what he holds for the people of Highfield West …

Congratulations on winning the Highfield West constituency. First of all, may you tell us who Psychology Maziwisa is?

I am a young politician and a lawyer by profession. I am also the Zanu-PF Deputy Director of Information and a devout Christian. I attend Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s UFI Church. I love and respect President Mugabe so much and always strive to emulate his principles every day of my life. Politics has always been my driving force.

I was the first non-South African deputy president of the Students’ Representative Council at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

What would you say is the significance of your win in Highfield West and as part of Zanu-PF’s clean sweep during these by-elections?

The significance of my win is that President Mugabe is now a happy man because the Highfield constituency has always given him concern since 2000. It also means the party is reclaiming lost ground in urban areas and becoming once again the party of choice in Zimbabwe. Let us never forget as well that Zanu-PF was formed in Highfield in 1963 and so the significance of Highfield to the party cannot be overemphasised. Bear in mind as well that President Mugabe votes in Highfield all the time. It’s a revolutionary constituency, a sacred constituency.

But one may say that this was like a walkover given the non-participation of the main opposition? The statistics show that Zanu-PF all but retained its 2013 vote . . . Does this not worry you?

There is nothing like a walk- over in an election. A walk- over when I was up against eight other candidates? Anyone who thinks winning against eight candidates is a walkover needs to get their heads examined. And as for retaining our 2013 support base, I think if anything that means we had a great campaign given that this was a by-election which traditionally is associated with voter apathy.

You are a young person and how do you feel representing the revolutionary party in a historic area such as Highfield?

It’s such a humbling experience and an indication that President Mugabe has confidence in my capabilities. I promise never to let him down and to do my absolute best.

Highfield has been dominated by the opposition since 2000, what were you telling the electorate this time around?

Well, the electorate was saying that they are sick and tired of Morgan Tsvangirai and his party MDC-T’s lies. His party has dominated that constituency since 2000 and yet it has not made good on a single election promise. It is sad. I promised to change that culture and to make sure we restore normal service delivery in line with Presdent Mugabe’s wishes and vision.

You have won this election, what are the major issues you are going to speak to? What are the issues that keep Highfield residents awake at night and how do you plan to tackle them?

Service delivery is a major concern. We want to ensure adequate water and electricity supply and ensure that we improve the welfare of the people of Highfield.

Being a young person, your age mates are the ones that are mostly affected by economic and social ills. What do you think needs to be done to prevent the sense of alienation among the youth?

We need to come up with projects that empower our young people and which ensure that they do not wander around with nothing to do. I have got a series of programmes in place for them and very soon all of them will have something to do. That’s President Mugabe’s way. It’s the Zanu-PF way.

2018 is not far off do you think you will have mustered much ground to retain this seat?

If I make good on my election promises and make sure I am visible throughout, the people of Highfield will reward me with an even bigger win in 2018.

Finally, Psychology Maziwisa in Parliament what can we expect from you?

Well, I want to focus on fighting for the elderly. What I saw on June 10 moved me. I saw paralysed elderly people braving the cold and going to vote for me. That kind of support moves any human being with five senses and a heart. Youth empowerment is obviously something that is close to me. I want to push for that as well and make sure we have young people taking up influential roles not as a matter of national policy but of national law.

So, for instance, it would be good to have a law that makes it criminal for any board to be appointed without a certain quota being reserved for young people.

Generally, this is a chance for me to work my absolute hardest and to prove to President Mugabe that his trust in me is not misplaced. 2018 is only two years away and so there is very little time. This was an extraordinary election and my tenure as an MP requires extraordinary effort. I promise to live up to the expectations of the people of Highfield and to make President Mugabe even more proud.

Source : The Herald