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Star FM listeners had a great time at the weekend reminiscing on the good old days when popular disc jockey Peter Johns – who was the main man on the then Radio 3’s Drive Time Show – came as a surprise guest on “The Crossover” hosted by Otis Fraser. It was a welcome return to radio for the revered DJ who was affectionately known by such sobriquets as “PJ Your DJ” or “The Radio Driver”.

The Star FM switchboard was abuzz with calls from fans who expressed joy when they heard the revered DJ and a legend who was last on air some 13 years ago.

“Well, I have not been on radio due to health problems,” he said.

When asked whether he would return home for good, PJ said he was working on that.

However, there was excitement among his fans mostly the mature who used to religiously listen to his shows back in the day.

“PJ we miss you please come back,” one fan from Waterfalls said.

Another fan said: “I used to listen to your shows man, the Monday’s Mellow Madness, was a great show, man we love you.”

“We used to listen to your shows at school and because we didn’t have a good radio we would put the small wireless in a bucket to increase the volume,” said a fan.

Even Star FM presenter, Shingai Mokina aka Your Girfriend’s Favourite DJ or the “Moxinator” was full of praises for PJ whom he described as an icon. Instead of playing for just 30 minutes, PJ played for close to an hour thanks to the “Moxinator”.

Others openly declared how much they loved PJ’s jingles and his flawless presentations which had everyone glued to their tape decks. In fact, so generous was PJ who had a jingle that encouraged fans to prepare their tape decks so that they could record the new hits.

PJ also threw some of the old skool classics starting with the 1980s with Direct Drive’s Overdrive, a club banger popularised by the late Josh Makawa then he moved to the 1990s and finally 2000s.

His resourcefulness kept Zimbabwean youths abreast with the trends worldwide. During his time, it was more of playing hits before they happen elsewhere and to many that was the definition of a good DJ and PJ fitted well. Still sounding great, PJ still knows how and when to rock the crowd. His selection of music cuts across genres such that there is something for everyone.

PJ who is arguably one of the best DJs to emerge from Zimbabwe is the latest to feature on Star FM’s roster after Kelvin “The Soul Supreme S” Sifelani who hosted the hugely popular “Sunday Soul Convention” and Felix Nganjo who streamed from the United Kingdom during Innocent Tshuma’s show.

Source : The Herald