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The 2014 World Cup ended over the weekend with Germany winning against Argentina by one goal to nil.

For the past month or so, television had become more of a man’s world but now that the world’s beautiful game ended on Sunday, chances are that there won’t be any fighting between women and men over which channel to watch during primetime viewing.

And still talking about the weekend, yours truly had a blast watching the 2014 BET Awards on MTV Base. The host Chris Rock had everyone roaring with laughter with his razor sharp humour and great stage presence.

As you might be aware, both MTV Base, Comedy Central and BET (Black Entertainment Television) are produced by a company called ViaCom International Media Networks. I met the guys from the company in Mauritius where there was the launch of “Only The Best” Content Extravaganza hosted by MultiChoice Africa.

Journalists from other countries outside South Africa and Nigeria quizzed the ViaCom representatives why they have not been airing music videos from their countries including Zimbabwe?

One of the things that the representatives mentioned was that they create their own content as well as air content from other producers. However, they insisted that whatever they air on their platforms should be of international standards no matter where it comes from. In other words a video produced in Zimbabwe should not in any way be of low quality compared to those produced in South Africa, Nigeria or even the United States.

Having said that, they also mentioned how strict they are when it comes to airing music videos. They said firstly, the videos should be by known artistes and secondly, the quality should be of high standards and thirdly, they only consider hit songs. They also said 90 percent of the music videos they screen come from Nigeria.

So as I watched the BET Awards I couldn’t agree more with the guys.

One of the things that drew my attention was when Pharrell presented Lionel Richie with the Lifetime Achievement honorary award.

The ex-Commodores band member went solo in 1981 and his legacy is in the melodies he created and in the words that people can never forget you talk of the songs like “Jesus Is Love” and “Three Times a Lady”.

And during his acceptance speech, Lionel said he had something for artistes of today.

“Soul is a feeling not a colour, talent is a God given gift and not a category. Out of the box is an integral place where talent, true talent goes to live and thrive and breathe and you may never give up for as long as you’re in this business.”

Great words from the living legend who has seen it all in music business. Maybe some of our local artistes need to learn from musicians as big as Lionel Richie. That said, since there is no World Cup to talk about, for most women it is back to what they enjoy most and that is watching “telenovelas”.

The introduction of NBC Universal’s Universal Networks International- Telemundo, the channel which is home to what has become to be known as “telenovelas” is favourite of many women out there. Telemundo which is available on DStv compact bouquet, is an American Spanish language broadcast television network popular for its “telenovelas”.

These are stories of passion, star-crossed lovers, villains that viewers love to hate and eternal hope that things will eventually go well for the favoured character. These are traits which many woman relate to. The films are suitable for those seeking love and how to keep it. “Telenovelas” have all the intrigue and drama you can think of and yours truly remembers how viewers used to religiously follow Aaron Spelling’s soaps such as Sunset Beach and others that were screened on the small screen.

And just like how Nollywood films became popular among Zimbabweans, imagine almost every Zimbabwean who watch Nigerian films can speak pidgin English just like the Nigerians do.

What is more is that we have fallen in love with our favourite Nigerian actors and actresses. I know of people who watch every film starring their favourite cast. It is the same on Telemundo channel. A friend of mine once told me how his wife is a big fan of “telenovelas”.

He said she stays until the wee hours watching “telenovelas” despite the chilly weather.

Until next week remember this is television and it is real.

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Source : The Herald