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Rooftop Promotions, organisers of the Wene Music Awards, have announced the date for the inaugural awards ceremony.

In a statement released on Wednesday the organisation said outstanding musicians would be awarded on October 29 at a venue to be announced later.

They said the closing date for submissions of musicians’ works is midnight on August 21, 2014 to allow the board of adjudicators enough time for deliberations, judging and decision making.

Rooftop also announced the 33 categories in which they will consider music that was recorded and produced between January 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014.

“Awards that have been held before have never recognised the group or band that has supported the lead vocalist but come end of October one groupband will go home as winner of the Outstanding Band Award,” reads part of the statement.

Award categories:

Outstanding musical act

Best live stage act – visual and choreography

People’s choice award Best live stage act

Wene ambassador award

Best music video

Best recorded album

Best CD recording of a Zimbabwean artiste or act outside Zimbabwe

Best recorded songcomposition

Outstanding act in contemporary Zimbabwean music genres

Outstanding female vocalist

Best music podcast

Outstanding male vocalist

Outstanding bandact manager

Outstanding group

Outstanding music promoter

Outstanding act in contemporary Zimbabwean music genres

Outstanding music journalist

Outstanding traditional music exponent

Best music documentary

Outstanding Zimbabwe music crossover exponent

Outstanding traditional music exponent

Outstanding Zimbabwean act in internationally-influenced music genres

Best music documentary

Outstanding socially aware lyrics

Outstanding music journalist

Most promising young or emerging artist or act

Outstanding music promoter

Best backing band to a recording artiste

Recorded instrumentalist of the year

Wene award for passion, integrity and artistic consistency

Musical innovator of the year

Best music video

Lifetime achievement awards

Best music technical recordingroduction

Source : The Herald