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The West has abandoned MDC-T leader and former Prime Minister Mr Morgan Tsvangirai after losing successive elections to President Mugabe as they realise that their preferred “horse” will not bring the desired illegal regime change in Zimbabwe, a leading American think-tank has revealed.

Washington-based Cato Institute for Global Liberty and Prosperity — established to specialise on public aocacy, media exposure and societal influence — said in Zanu-PF, Zimbabweans had the Government they deserved.

“It is true that they (West) have abandoned (Mr) Morgan Tsvangirai,” said Cato Institute senior policy analyst Mr Marian Tupy.

“It is very sad, but it is very true. It is like putting your money on a horse in a race hoping that he wins and if he fails, you may do it a couple of more times, ultimately you decide that the person is unconversant.

“A lot of people have looked at the way Tsvangirai was regrettably outmanoeuvred not because he does want to, but because he simply did not have ability to prevail.”

Mr Tsvangirai has successively lost elections to President Mugabe, plunging to his worst defeat in the 2013 harmonised elections when he garnered a mere 33,94 percent of the vote to President Mugabe’s 61,09 percent.

Zanu-PF commands two thirds of the 210 seats in the National Assembly, winning 160 while the MDC-T managed 49.

One seat went to an independent candidate.

Since the elections, Mr Tsvangirai’s Western handlers dumped him with the party’s financial woes worsening after donors withdrew.

Mr Tupy said the international community was beginning to appreciate President Mugabe as the legitimate leader of Zimbabwe.

In any case, he said, many people were wrong in thinking that the Government of National Unity would strengthen the MDC-T as the opposite happened.

Said Mr Tupy: “(While) everybody assumed that the power sharing agreement would strengthen the MDC and weaken Zanu-PF, the opposite happened.

“The MDC-T was outmanoeuvred. (President) Mugabe won the election and he has at least as part of the international community goals, regained some of the legitimacy he has lost.”

The Anglo-Saxon alliance of the United States, Britain and Australia have stubbornly refused to recognise the harmonised elections that have been endorsed by the African Union, Sadc, Comesa, ACP and over 40 countries spread across five continents as a credible expression of the will of Zimbabweans.

He said during the inclusive Government, Mr Tsvangirai and his party turned out to be “less impressive”, losing support in the process.

“There was the expectation that after four or five years of power sharing the MDC will be rewarded for good governance and for the improvements that Zimbabwe has accomplished,” Mr Tupy.

“Two things happened, one was that the MDC ministers and Tsvangirai himself turned out to be less impressive than people hoped-certainly Tsvangirai’s personal life and his failings.

“Secondly, it turned out that Mugabe and his Zanu-PF still enjoy quite a bit of support within the Zimbabwean electorate. It is incomprehensive that so many people should still support Robert Mugabe and Zanu-PF, but since they do, a lot of people seem to be decided that the Zimbabwe people have a Government they deserve.”

Personally, Mr Tsvangirai has been in the media for wrong reasons, with his bed-hopping antics hogging the headlines and spilling into the courts culminating in an abortive wedding to his customary wife, Ms Elizabeth Macheka.

Since his first wife, Susan’s death in a car accident in 2009, Mr Tsvangirai has been linked to several women.

Source : The Herald