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The continued destruction of Harare’s wetlands poses a serious threat to the city’s future water supply, a council official has warned. Speaking recently at the launch of a children’s guidebook on the environment titled “‘Little Green Ambassador” in Harare, Councillor Christopher Mbanga said the destruction of wetlands would result in serious water shortages for the city which was already reeling from a shortage of the precious liquid.

“If we keep on occupying our wetlands at the rate at which we are invading them there will be no water for the City of Harare in the future,” he said.

“We should preserve our wetlands as they are an important source of water.”

The handbook guide and colouring book for children on environment issues was written by singer Dereck Mpofu, who was also the Green Ambassador.

The book aims at encouraging young children to take an active interest in environmental issues.

Environmentalists said the future of Harare’s water supplies went hand-in-hand with the future of the wetlands.

They said the construction of residential stands, shopping malls and industrial sites on wetlands has affected the city’s water table and biodiversity found on these fragile habitats.

In addition, wetlands destruction had also pushed up water purification costs for the city.

Source : The Herald