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Songstress Edith “Weutonga” Katiji has temporarily set aside live performances to nurse her new baby girl born early last week. The arrival of the daughter prompted the “Mukaranga” singer to take sometime off the stage to celebrate and take care of the new addition to the family.

“My baby came on April 29 and as a family we feel so blessed with the latest member to join us,” she said.

“The arrival was even made a special occasion because before her we only had boys and the joy is so overwhelming.

“For now I am just taking a rest for a short while to have more time with my family before going back on stage.”

The musician last appeared on stage during the Independence Concert held at Borrowdale Race Course on April 17 just a week before she gave birth.

The songstress said although she has just given birth she has already started rehearsing for upcoming gigs.

“I am very fortunate that I have a studio at home so I have already started rehearsing for my upcoming gigs. I have a gig lined up on Africa Day and my whole family will be there to support me,” she said.

She now has four children with the arrival of their daughter whom they have christened Mudadisi, Zawadi.

“Zawadi is a Swahili word meaning a gift as this is exactly what the daughter is to the family. She got the name from her grandmother who is in Namibia.”

Source : The Herald