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Sometimes life is hard on you in the forms of various challenges, get up and stand your ground. Success is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.

Success is not based so much on how highly intellectual you are but I believe it is based on great common sense.

The secret is on doing your best all the time and putting that extra effort counts.

John Wooden an author once wrote “nothing will work unless you do” simply meaning that one has to work hard to attain pre-set objectives.

Surprisingly many students in this day do not take their school work seriously, many do not realise that school work is like natural plants that require constant watering and pruning in such a case one has to make an informed decision not just to follow the crowd.

Crafty and wise students know that time flies and it does not wait for anyone but sadly simple minded students play with their school work and wait for magic to work itself, so I commend my fellow students to be among the exceptional class.

Some react to contradict and confute but as a wise student one has to weigh and consider the outcome not just take your studies for granted and find amusement in discourse.

Other looks are to be tasted and allowed to be chewed and to be digested, so if you do not have nine lives get rid of the unnecessary curiosity and concentrate with your school work.

In the course of hunting for success there is always some humbugs that rob us the courage we need everyday, these humbugs spring in our ears like a timely set alarm and make us forget our pre-set goals and objectives in life.

They crush our ambiance and courage but to overcome them as young people we need to despise them and hate them with all the hate there is and refuse the lodgement they seek in our brains. Some tend to give up when there seem to be looming darkness, but this is the time that we must show that we are not of cowardly streak but rally on until you get what you want and keep climbing the ladder to your destiny.

Young people of this generation, you have the power to control your future and you choose how far you can go.

By noting down your dreams and objectives in life, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you want to be.

Always remember lack of knowledge is darker than the night.

The writer is in Form Four at Saint Killian’s High.

Source : The Herald