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One wise fellow once remarked that the reason evil pervades this world is because the good people in our midst keep silent. Today I will speak.

Reading through Morgan Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka’s piece in a local daily the other day, I realised that the man or rather the both of them, are now nothing short of desperate to sell Tsvangirai as a still-valuable brand.

Tamborinyoka contrasts the MDC-T and the Zanu-PF congresses, both held this year and according to him, the former’s congress was nothing short of a heavenly occasion where angels sang and everyone was filled with a spirit of joy, unity and democracy.

Needless to say I was very surprised at this deliberate distortion of history given the chaos and violence that characterised the run up to the MDC-T congress.

Had Tamborinyoka not portrayed the MDC-T congress as “perfect’, I would have no qualms with his narrative, after all, the Zanu-PF congress also experienced some unsavoury incidents during its run up, as is normal with politics.

My problem lies with the fact that Tamborinyoka sought to sell a blatant lie, sweeping the chaos in his own party under the carpet and seeking to present a polished edited version whilst denigrating Zanu-PF, hoping to score points in the process.

We are not that gullible Tamborinyoka, or is it Tsvangirai I can never tell who is speaking. So for all intents and purposes, I shall assume herein that Tsvangirai was speaking through Tamborinyoka.

Firstly, Tamborinyoka castigates Zanu-PF for allowing President Mugabe to appoint members of his executive. Not only is it none of their business, but it is also on public record that not so long ago, Tsvangirai, through a coterie of his hangers on, was reportedly pushing for constitutional changes that would have seen at most five positions being directly elected at congress, while the other positions would be filled through appointment by a new “all powerful and imperial president” so he should quit the holier-than-thou attitude.

Tsvangirai saw the aantages of a leader appointing those whom he wished to work with, what then is wrong when it’s President Mugabe doing the same? Is it not that Tsvangirai is simply pissed because President Mugabe is loved by his party’s members so much that they entrusted him with such powers?

This is in direct contrast to his own situation where MDC-T members shuddered at the mere thought of him wielding such power and effectively blocked him.

In his overzealous endeavour to paint the kettle black, Tamborinyoka inaertently calls his master “nonsense.”

Says Tamborinyoka: “That nonsense of a leader with appointing powers had failed to see the light of day in the MDC-T because it was simply against our values and principles as a democratic party.” It would have been prudent for Tamborinyoka to remind Tsvangirai of these principles before he clamoured for those same powers.

Tamborinyoka claims that free and fair elections preceded the MDC-T congress. What a regrettable case of selective amnesia. Was it not MDC-T that was rocked by allegations of vote buying and intimidation in almost all its provincial elections?

The MDC-T congress was clearly pre-scripted as what free elections can be obtained when the basic functionaries have been rigged? At least Zanu-PF did not insult its members’ intelligence by holding sham elections. One also recalls reports of Tsvangirai reducing himself to a mere secretary and personally accrediting MDC-T members to vote in the Manicaland and Bulawayo provincial elections. Can you imagine President Mugabe personally accrediting members? Absurd huh?

In what could only be termed laughable Tamborinyoka alleges that “Mugabe lacked the guts to appoint his top lieutenants in the presidium.” Only a person who has been living in Timbuktu would describe President Mugabe as lacking guts. What I obtained from his decision to delay naming the party’s top officials is that unlike Tsvangirai, President Mugabe does not rely on “mob psychology” to guide his decisions. And when he does appoint the officials that will run ZANU PF and the nation, he will do so after careful and wise consideration.

The ever-overzealous Tamborinyoka went on to fault President Mugabe for speaking of juju in what he terms “this brave 21st century, the digital age of Facebook and Twitter.”

If technological aancements have dispelled supernatural beliefs, what may I ask was Morgan Tsvangirai doing seeking spiritual intervention and guidance at TB Joshua’s church all the way in Nigeria? If demons exist, why not juju?

And in a clear demonstration that Maths is not his one of his strengths, Tamborinyoka claimed that “a few individuals” had walked away from the MDC-T and Zanu-PF’s situation was worse because Joice Mujuru and nine out of 10 provincial chairpersons have been “hounded” out of the party.

I do not know what number Tamborinyoka qualifies as “few”. However, facts on the ground prove that about 18 MPs and over 30 members have so far left the MDC-T to join the Renewal Team including the Secretary-General. As for Zanu PF, no one has yet left the party or been hounded out with only two members having been expelled. Whose situation is worse? You do the math.

Begrudgingly, I admit that I wish I possessed Tamborinyoka’s eyesight and powers of observation. He claims he saw the same crowd on his television set in different provinces, brandishing the same placards. What keen eyesight! Perhaps the man has hidden super powers, anyway I digress.

It is simplistic — to borrow a common phrase, of Tamborinyoka to have expected Tsvangirai’s congress message to be the same as President Mugabe’s, for one thing, the latter has already proven his political worth and value over the years while Tsvangirai has to resort to posturing and role playing at being a great statesman.

In a clear example of clutching at straws, Tamborinyoka even pulls Tsvangirai’s mother into the murky political waters, stating that President Mugabe is eight years older than Lydia Tsvangirai. That President Mugabe is older than Tsvangirai’s mother is of no consequence, if anything it goes to show that theirs is a lineage not blessed with greatness hence she is “enjoying dotage in the comfort of her rural home in Buhera” while President Mugabe is still ably running the country.

Tsvangirai, Tamborinyoka and company also spew the same rhetoric of the national convergence tent.

He even invites President Mugabe into the big tent. Knowing the MDC-T, not only will the tent not be erected, it will turn out to be small, only accommodating Tsvangirai, his big ego and if he continues screeching for his supper, maybe Tamborinyoka too. It is also telling of the MDC-T’s double standards that they are willing to invite President Mugabe into the “big tent” yet they recently sought to have those MPs who expressed divergent views recalled from Parliament. Charity is supposed to start at home, isn’t it?

Sadly, it appears that Tamborinyoka does not understand the brief of his office.

His is not to daily spew hate speech and vitriol against President Mugabe.

He is supposed to be keeping us informed on important developments and any pertinent information regarding Tsvangirai, such as the acquisition of a new wife. Instead, he keeps harping on and on about how President Mugabe is bad and has done this today and that tomorrow. Why not tell us what good Tsvangirai has done?

Is the MDC-T leader so devoid of virtues to extol that Tamborinyoka and the newly-platformed Obert Gutu have to resort to the “Mugabe is evil” mantra each time they open their mouths?

Source : The Herald