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The celebration of Africa Day on May 25 must be accompanied by concrete programmes on trade and economic integration among African countries for the continent to be totally independent from former colonialists, analysts have said.

This year’s Africa Day comes at a time Zimbabwe is at the helm of the continental body – the African Union – which is chaired by President Mugabe.

The President is also calling the shots in the region through his chairmanship of Sadc.

The analysts said Zimbabwe had every reason to mark this important day considering the work that President Mugabe is carrying out to bring peace, unity and progress on the continent as the AU chair.

Africa, the analysts said, also played an important role in the liberation of Zimbabwe.

Africa Day is celebrated annually on May 25 to mark the founding of the Organisation of African Unity in 1963, which is presently known as the African Union.

Midlands State University senior lecturer in the Media Studies Department Professor Nhamo Mhiripiri said the onus was now on African nations to work together for the success of the continent.

“As Africa Day approaches, it is a time to celebrate total emancipation from colonialism,” he said. “Our forefathers such as Kwame Nkrumah and Mwalimu Julius Nyerere wanted total independence, so we should protect their legacy.

“Trade within the continent is limited as former colonisers have remained as major shareholders. Africa should build its own industries and not rely on the West.”

Political commentator Dr Pedzisayi Ruhanya urged African leaders to act on conflicts and civil wars plaguing the continent.

He said Africa Day was also a day to reflect on how the continent must address poverty and empower women.

“The day is an opportunity to make sure that African pockets of conflicts and civil wars like in the Great Lakes Region are addressed amicably,” said Dr Ruhanya.

“If conflicts are resolved, it will give Africa a chance to concentrate on addressing issues of poverty and empowerment of women.”

Harare Polytechnic lecturer of Journalism and Media Studies Mr Alexander Rusero said African countries should not continue hiding under the guise of colonialism while promoting corruption.

“It is high time that Africa distanced itself from blaming erstwhile colonial history,” he said. “We cannot continue blaming Western governments on why Africa is corrupt and we should not hide under the banner or shield of colonialism.”

President Mugabe has on several occasions called for peaceful resolution of conflicts on the continent to ensure peace and stability for progress.

As the AU chair, the President is in Mali where he is witnessing a peace signing ceremony between President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita’s government and Tuareg separatist rebels.

This was after the AU, under the chairmanship of President Mugabe, played a key role in brokering the ceasefire between the Malian government and the rebels.

Source : The Herald