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AN angry Mucheke woman who could not bear the thought of her husband having an extra marital affair, took matters into her hands recently by pouring hot cooking oil on her spouse as punishment, a Masvingo court heard.

Chipo Shiriyedende was not formally charged when she appeared before magistrate Oliver Mudzongachiso facing charges of inflicting serious bodily harm on her spouse.

Charges against Shiriyedende arose from an incident on March 22 when she poured two litres of hot cooking oil on Tapiwa Chibundu following an argument over the latter having a girlfriend who constantly phoned and sent him text messages.

The State alleged that on the fateful day, Chibundu arrived home from a beer drink at around 8pm and found Shiriyedende preparing to go to bed.

A heated argument arose between the two, with Shiriyedende plainly expression disquiet over Chibundu’s unfaithful conduct.

Whilst the two were still engaged in their quarrel, as fate would have it, the alleged girlfriend called on Chibundu’s cellphone after sending several Whatsapp messages which Chibundu did not know how to respond to in his wife’s presence.

Chibundu then plucked up some courage and took the girlfriend’s call and this further infuriated Shiriyedende.

She only agreed to shelve the issue for the next morning when she noticed she was having no meaningful conversation with a stone drunk Chibundu.

Probably after deep meditation over her husband’s behaviour, Shiriyedende later woke up in the late hours of the night, heat two litres cooking oil, which she poured on her sleeping husband, seriously injuring him in the process.

Chibundu’s screams attracted a neighbour, Rogers Gava who woke up and rushed him to Masvingo General Hospital.

He sustained severe burns on his face, neck and chest and his right elbow was also severely scalded.

Fidelicy Nyamukondiwa prosecuted. Aertisement

Source : New Zimbabwe