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A GUTU woman watched helplessly as her husband hanged himself in broad daylight on a tree in the family compound, following a long standing family dispute.

Masvingo police spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula confirmed the incident which occurred March 24.

The deceased was identified as 29-year-old Nelson Mudita of Nharira Village under Chief Chitsa in Gutu.

Insp Mazula said Mudita had a long standing dispute with some members of his extended family.

On the fateful day, he was at home with his wife, Tsungai Mugwini, 27, when he hatched the plan of taking his own life.

“Mudita, who always wanted to be on his own, was at his homestead with his wife and without due warning, he stood up from where he was sitting and headed into their kitchen hut,” said Insp Mazula.

“Armed with the rope he took from their matrimonial kitchen hut, he proceeded to a Musumha tree on the edge of their compound and upon reaching the tree, he climbed and hanged himself in full view of his wife, who had earlier tried to restrain him but was overpowered.”

The man’s brother then rushed to the scene with the intention of rescuing Mudita after he had been alerted by the wife’s screams but it was too late as Mudita had already died.

The brother only managed to untie him but failed to resuscitate him.

He went on to report the matter to the police.

Insp Mazula said no foul play was suspected, something that saw a post-mortem being waived.

She urged the public to seek counselling when faced with disputes as resorting to taking one’s life was not the solution.

“Members of the public should not resort to taking their lives as it does not solve anything at all,” she said, “People should learn to share their problems with others as a problem shared is problem half solved.”

Source : New Zimbabwe