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Zimdancehall musician Wallace Chirumiko, popularly known as Winky D, says he will this year focus on releasing singles.

Winky D said artistes are now living in a “singles-driven sector”.”I want to focus more on singles which will be released frequently this year. With this kind of our music, fans want it fast and now therefore an album won’t do because it needs time and proper planning,” he said.

The Ninja President dismissed speculations that his career is coming to an end because of competition with new stars.

He said he was surprised to realise how some media reports create stories for him.

“I am still there and have been holding shows. Nothing has changed in my line of duty and I happy that there are a lot of talented upcoming musicians in the country. I will continue to sing and please my fans,” he said.

The “Dancehall Igwe” hitmaker said although newer technology has moved the focus to the album rather than the single, the digital music format seems to be giving “the single” prominence.

Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda said they would release a new single this week.

“Yes this year is about singles because of dynamics in music production. The use of the ‘single’ has always been a popular way to release music, dating all the way back. Actually we are dropping one single this week. We had three singles and are spoilt for choice on which one to release first,” he said.

He said releasing singles has now evolved into a multi-purpose marketing tool, giving musicians the opportunity to offer different styles of “singles” to their fans for a variety of different outcomes.

Banda didn’t want to shed light on the names of the singles. He said the band has resumed shows after a short break.

“Last weekend we were in Mutare and we delivered the best. My band has already resumed shows although we wanted to start mid February. Last Sunday again was The Ninja President’s birthday and we want to organise some celebrations on one of the shows. It shows we are growing, taking our time to think and understand what the people want,” he said.

Source : The Herald