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The trial of a Malawian witch doctor who allegedly ordered three business people to either kill a relative as a sacrifice, bring a live snake to him or deposit $6 000 which he claimed would multiply to $1,5 million started in Harare on Monday. Vokiwa Ntotera Sumani (33), who was allegedly nabbed with a live tortoise at a lodge in Harare, was in the habit of duping people of their cash claiming that he was able to boost their businesses.

He appeared before Harare magistrate Mr Milton Serima and pleaded not guilty to all charges of fraud.

In his defence, Sumani told the court that he intended to eat the tortoise he was caught with because it is relish in his country.

He denied duping the businesspeople and insisted that he was arrested because the complainant failed to locate the conman, Moses Bonali, who is also from Malawi.

The court heard that Sumani is from Chimwala Village under Chief Mangoshi in Malawi.

The prosecutor Ms Francesca Mukumbiri alleged that on February 11 this year, Darlibuhle Livingstone saw an aert in a local newspaper that Sumani was a sangoma and could heal any disease or boost businesses.

Livingstone responded to the aert and was invited to the lodge where they performed rituals.

Sumani aised Livingstone that she was to kill a relative as a sacrifice or deposit $6 000 which was to multiply to $1,5 million.

It is alleged that she opted to pay the money which she stashed in a bag.

Livingstone realised that she was duped after Sumani became evasive, prompting her to report the matter to the police.

It is alleged that another businessman Sikwili Dube saw the same aert and responded and was aised to choose between killing a relative and paying $6 000.

Dube opted to pay the money, but only managed to raise $373.

Another businessman Tatenda Chinyongo fell for Sumani’s aert and was ordered to kill a relative, bring a live snake or deposit $6 000.

He opted to pay the money, but only managed $23.

It is alleged that detectives received information that Sumani was staying with a wild animal at Shingirai Lodge in Ardbennie, Harare.

Acting on the tip-off, the police tracked Sumani to the lodge and found a live tortoise in his bag.

He failed to produce a licence authorising him to possess the animal, leading to his arrest.

Source : The Herald