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WITNESSES of Jesus, the musical group that first stormed the music scene with their debut offering “Hakuna Rimwe Zita”, are back with a new offering. The group, that is led by Mashoko Gamanya, an employee with the Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services, have released their first D collection comprising tracks taken off their three albums, namely ” Hakuna Rimwe Zita” (2011), “Rakabaiwa Gwayana” (2013) and their 2014 release “Kana Mwari Vataura”. The D is a collection of the group’s hit songs that catapulted them to prominence. The tracks are appealing in the way they address issues that affect people in their daily lives as well as the need to have God in their hearts. The songs that make up the D include “Makaita Zvenyu Baba”, “Tenda”, “Tipedze Basa”, “Fambai Munyika”, “Muponesi Wangu”, “Vimbiso” and “Nguva Ndeya Baba”.

“Our fans were requesting for a D after having listened to our music and we were therefore compelled to respond to their requests by releasing this D,” Gamanya said.

The D “Kana Mwari Vataura” was shot on different locations and the costumes as well as the stage etiquette are well arranged. If you thought that this is strictly an Apostolic affair, then you are in for a big surprise as the group manages to fuse and change not only their costumes but also the locations as well as the action. No wonder their audio album, “Kana Mwari Vataura”, made it into National FM’s Top 50 charts. The outfit has worked with renowned music producers like Jonathan Mgazi, owner of MJ Studios who has also played the keyboards on their albums. The group is a product of Zvapupu ZvaJesu Apostolic Church led by Bishop Totela Mtotela and is one of the few in the country from the apostolic church sects who fuse their vocals with musical instruments like guitars and keyboards. They are currently marketing their music at various church and social gatherings.

Source : The Herald