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A Harare woman is allegedly in the habit of ordering her 16-year-old son to cover his head with blankets whenever she is having sexual intercourse with her boyfriends whom she brings home.

Israel Chivese said her sister Mandikunda is always at night clubs and also neglects her two-year-old baby.

This was revealed at the Harare civil court on Wednesday where Mandikunda was seeking a protection order against her brother Israel whom she said was in the habit of psychologically and verbally abusing her. “We are both staying at our parent’s house, but he is always harassing me and my children everyday just because he no longer wants us to stay there”, said Mandikunda.

“My son now knows the colours and sizes of all my undergarments because I sleep with him in the same room because my brother doesn’t want to give me another room at our four roomed house.

He is an ex-policeman and he wants to enforce all the rules he learnt during his tenure in the police force on me and my children, thereby psychologically abusing us. He reports lies to the police each time and gets me arrested for nothing.

Israel refuted the allegations and labelled Mandikunda a prostitute and an alcoholic.

“She is in the habit of bringing at least four boyfriends each night and have sexual intercourse with them in front of his 16-year-old son whom she orders to cover his head with blankets.

“I am the one who makes sure that her two-year-old daughter is well fed while she will be busy enjoying herself at night clubs. She is very violent and does not want to take any aice from me as her elder brother.”

Magistrate Ms Gamuchirai Siwardi yesterday deferred ruling on the matter.

Source : The Herald

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