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A WOMAN from Mutasa in Manicaland was on Wednesday jailed for 15 years for killing her three-year-old son by throwing him into Odzi River to please her new lover.

High Court judge, Justice Charles Hungwe presided over the case.

The court heard that on April 9, 2014, Louis Paunganwa, 23, of Maoko Village hatched a plan to throw her son, Tavonga Mupisanga, into Odzi River.

This was after a new lover told her he was not interested in her children. According to prosecutor Jane Rose Matsikidze, Paunganwa had three children from a previous marriage.

On the day in question, Paunganwa left her auntie’s home with the three children and a cousin identified as Maria Nyamubarwa to go to Honde Valley.

The court heard that Paunganwa intended to take her six-year-old son Mitchell Mumbiro to her great grandmother and the now deceased Tawonga to his father because she wanted to get married to her new boyfriend.

Paunganwa reportedly contacted her ex-husband explaining her position with regards to Tawonga’s custody.

The court was told that her former husband refused to take the minor which infuriated Paunganwa.

She reportedly told her cousin that she would either kill Tawonga or sell him because her lover was not interested in looking after her children.

The cousin then went to attend her lessons at Newengo College and left the accused to continue the journey with her children.

When they approached Odzi River, Paunganwa grabbed her son and threw him into the river while the other children watched.

“The boy was swept away by the river and later died. The accused threw away the deceased clothes 500 metres away from the crime scene,” prosecutor Matsikidze told the court.

When she arrived in Honde Valley, Paunganwa lied that Tawonga had died a few weeks back and returned home to live with her boyfriend.

But the grandmother later enquired why they had buried her grandson without informing her but was told that minor was still alive.

However, the six-year-old boy, Mitchell, later spilled the beans leading to Paunganwa’s arrest.

In delivering his ruling, Justice Hungwe said the accused killed out of selfish interest not desperation.

“You did this out of selfish interest because you could raise the boy alone since you had other children. Instead of being a protector you ended up being his murderer,” said Justice Hungwe.

The judge said the minor could have grown up and become her helper as well as serving the community.

Source : New Zimbabwe