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A MUTARE woman, Chipo Gwanyanya, 24, was Wednesday slapped with a two month prison sentence by a Mutare magistrate’s court after she had been found guilty of tempering with a Zesa pre-paid meter.

Gwanyanya, who looked visibly shocked when presiding magistrate Sekai Chiwundura passed the sentence, could however escape incarceration if she paid a $100 fine, given as the option to imprisonment, within a 30 day period.

In her ruling, the magistrate said cases of people tempering with Zesa property were on the increase and passing stiffer sentences was appropriate to deter would-be offenders.

Prosecutor Tinashe Katsiru told the court that on March 24 this year, in Dangamvura, around 2pm, Gwanyanya reconnected electricity at her premises bypassing the appliance.

The offence was employees who were carrying out an operation in the area.

She failed to explain why she was had decided to bypass the meter, something that led to her arrest.

Gwanyanya was charged for contravening the Electricity Act which prohibits people from tempering with Zesa properties.

In her mitigation, Gwanyanya said she was not aware that she was committing an offence, saying she was just reconnecting a loose wire on the meter.

“Your worship, I did not know I was committing offence. The electricity just tripped whilst I was cooking and I went to the meter box to check and reconnected a loose wire back to the switch,” she said.

But the magistrate said, “Are you an electrician who fix Zesa wires? You could have reported the matter to expects don’t try to confuse us. You wanted to permanently prejudice the power utility”.

Source : New Zimbabwe