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A 21-YEAR-old Gutu woman has been sentenced to an effective 12 months in jail with hard labour for dumping her newly born baby.

Addlight Murwira of Chief Ndahwi in Gutu was convicted on her own plea of guilty by Masvingo provincial magistrate Oliver Mudzongachiso.

Murirwa was sentenced to 18 months in prison but six were suspended for five years.

Prosecutor Joshua Mundondo told the court that Murwira was discharged from Masvingo General Hospital on December 16 last year after safely delivering her baby two days earlier.

She, however, later dumped the baby in a bushy area near Masvingo’s Post and Communications Centre.

Chuchu Makunike passed near the scene and heard the voice of a crying baby. He walked closer to the point where the voice was coming from and discovered the baby wrapped in a blue cloth.

On noticing that the baby was unattended he took it to Masvingo Central police station.

On January 15 this year, Murwira’s father, Muchineripi Murwira, asked his daughter about the whereabouts of the baby after realising she was no longer pregnant.

Addlight lied to her father saying the baby had died. Suspecting his daughter had dumped the baby, Muchineripi proceeded to report the matter to the police.

Upon being interviewed by the police, Addlight revealed that she had dumped the baby in a bushy area close to Post and Communications Centre, Masvingo.

Source : New Zimbabwe