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A CHIRUMHANZU woman was this week sentenced to an effective one-year jail term for killing her husband following during a fight.

Euphrasia Netsai Matsikinye, 48, of village Mutema under headman Matizira, Chirumanzu in the Midlands assaulted her husband with a log several times on the head in retaliation after he continued to whip her in a row over herding cattle.

After the battery, Christopher Mhamhiwa was said to have collapsed to the ground and later died on his way to hospital.

High Court Judge, Justice Martin Makonese sitting on circuit in Gweru ruled that Matsikinye had no intention to cause the death of Mhamhiwa but said she acted negligently resulting in the unfortunate incident.

Justice Makonese sentenced Matsikinye to three years in jail for culpable homicide. He however suspended two years on condition of good behaviour.

State prosecution led by Tafadzwa Mpariwa told how how on 8 January 2007 at around 7a.m Matsikinye, in the company of her son, Washington Mhamhiwa and two neighbours decided to go a neighbouring farm for “piece” jobs.

Christopher however stopped them and aised Matsikinye that their son, Washington, should return home to herd cattle.

Matsikinye told him they had already made arrangements with a neighbour who was going to look after the beasts in their absence.

She later returned from the farm in the evening and the couple had supper.

A dispute however arose with the husband expressing his disappointment that Matsikinye refused to follow his orders earlier in the day.

Christopher proceeded to his bedroom where he took a whip and started flogging Matsikinye and telling her to return to her maiden home for insubordination.

The wife fled to a neighbour’s home but the husband followed and continued lashing her.

Matsikinye then picked a log and hit him several times on the head before he collapsed.

She and the neighbour attempted to resuscitate him through first aid but he died on way to hospital.

Source : New Zimbabwe