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The MDC Assembly of Women joins the world in commemorating the World Cancer day under the theme “Not beyond us.”

This day comes at a time Zimbabwe is burdened by a non-performing government which has failed to provide funding towards the screening, prevention and treatment of cancer and to provide basic health services to the Zimbabwean population.

The Assembly of Women encourages the women of Zimbabwe to go for regular checkups and early detection of the disease. Zimbabwe has seen a lot of people including children die due to lack of access to treatment as treatment of cancer and quality health care in general have become the privilege of the elite.

Over 5000 cases of various kinds of cancer cases are diagnosed each year in Zimbabwe as reported by the National Health Information System. This is only the tip of the ice-berg as a number of cancer cases are unreported and some deaths remain unregistered. Due to the high cost of cancer treatment, the majority of people present themselves for treatment when they are already at an aanced stage of the disease.

Substantive strides can be taken towards the prevention and cure of cancer but due to an already ailing economy and poor health funding by the Zanu PF regime, cancer has become more of a death sentence. There is therefore need for Zimbabweans to join hands and lobby for the funding of early cancer diagnosis, prevention and treatment. It is pertinent that the public is informed and involved in information dissemination and have an interest in early detection, prevention and treatment of cancer.

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Phyllis Ndlovu National Women’s Spokesperson

Source : Movement for Democratic Change