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WOMEN should push for the success of the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim-Asset), Vice-President Cde Joice Mujuru said yesterday. VP Mujuru told hundreds of members of the Zanu-PF Women’s League in Bulawayo that it was important for them to add value and make the best out of the little resources they had if Zim-Asset was to be successful.

She said women played a crucial role in developing the economy and improving the livelihoods of their families and the nation.

“Women have a critical role to play in the successful implementation of Zim-Asset, which is expected to eradicate poverty in the country.

“They are an important group of people in any society.

“If they are given the chance to lead any organisation, no matter how big or small, they always bring out good results,” VP Mujuru said.

“It is, however, important for every woman to take a leading role in improving the country’s economy and the livelihoods of their families, through Zim-Asset.

“I still believe that we can add value from the little resources we have, despite all challenges.” VP Mujuru urged women to desist from concentrating on unproductive activities that will not bring food on their tables.

Zim-Asset critics, she added, should be ignored at all costs.

“A better economy starts with yourself. Let us not listen to Zim-Asset critics because those are people who believe that they cannot do anything to change their lives. I want all women to be ready to accept this challenge and run with what they have.

“During the liberation struggle, we only had guns, but we won the country, the independence that we enjoy and the land that we have today.

“I am confident that with this important programme, we will defeat poverty and be more economically independent people,” she said. The Vice-President, who has conducted seven similar meetings in different provinces, bemoaned the de-industrialisation that has left thousands of people jobless, saying Bulawayo had become a “dead city”.

She, however, said women could take the opportunity to use the land they have. “President Mugabe says we are all equal and Zim-Asset has come to level the playing field. We are all entitled to land and no one has to pay because it was paid for during the liberation struggle.

“Many families in Bulawayo have been affected by de-industrialisation. Let us therefore seriously take farming as our source of livelihood. This will help us produce more food for our families and make money to educate our children,” she said.

Cde Mujuru also said it was important for women to realise their roles and work together in harmony as the country moves with the implementation of Zim-Asset. The conference was attended by senior members of the Women’s League, war veterans, Government officials, Politburo and Central Committee members.

Source : The Herald